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About the Artist - Corinne

I began drawing birds as a hobby about two years ago. Inspired by my own pet parrots, I began drawing using graphite pencil and quickly moved on to using 'Derwent' water-colour pencils on ‘Stonehenge’ paper. This is my favorite medium. 

My love for parrots inspires my works. I often visit zoos, bird sales, and private parrot collections to photograph subjects for my artwork.

 I have exhibited my artwork at local art shows with great success gaining ‘first’, ‘very highly commended’ and ‘highly commended positions’ in both linear drawing and traditional water based medium sections.

I live in Sydney, Australia, with two pet parrots, Chippy and Cracker, and  I work full time as a flight instructor.

Me holding 'Comet' the military macaw at the Natural Encounters companion parrot workshop in February 06.


Some of my artworks


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